Sherry Anderson and Staff, you all lifted our hearts and spirits. We cried a million happy tears when we left your office. From the bottom of our hearts Thank you all so much!

“The world’s a whole lot better place because of people like you, Who give real joy and pleasure by the nice thinks that they do…..
And with your recent thoughtfulness still very much in mind, This is meant to bring a thank-you of the warmest kind!”

Sheldon & Rosealine
Sept 13, 2019

Sheldon & RosealineNotary PublicSherry Anderson Notary Public Terrace

We are so pleased with the outstanding service Sherry has provided us. Her focus and determination to help provided us with the best result possible in our situation. Sherry’s professionalism, vast knowledge and awareness of legal documentation, and willingness to work after hours, gave us an a clear opportunity for a positive outcome.

Thank you Sherry for the integrity you display in your communication and your tenacity to successfully complete any work you do!

We are so appreciative of your generous support.

Tanya & Colin

Tanya & Colin

“Hello, just wanted to share, I received a call from a contact in Calgary Friday morning, this person asked me to have something notarized and didn’t give me a lot of time. I called Sherry Anderson Notary Public …… arrived by noon with the documents in terrace, left them in very capable hands, did not worry again as I was told that it would be taken care of that day…. I must say that I was curious as to what was happening around five o’clock …. then you just say hey … its the weekend and I’m not going to worry about it until Monday ….right…? nope ….not Sherry and her team …. It seems as though I was having a nap when the phone rang at Seven Thirty, lol , it was my team !!! I was told that everything would be finished tonight if I wished, and if I was able to make the drive back to terrace my documents would be ready …….. 45 minutes later I’m back in terrace . I notice there is now a different team there , However diligently working away in the back room I see Sherry, Honestly , I went there to have a signature witnessed , and walked away with a whole new admiration for those of us who have pride in our work and confirmation that there are people out there that do understand and respect their clients, I have bought and sold four homes using Sherry Anderson Notary Publics office, and have never had an issue , I walk in the door and am greeted by at least five smiles, And am treated with respect. I was raised to know what it means to work with your name above or on the door ….. Question … when you open a door … do you bring positivity and a smile ?”


“Sherry Anderson has been my go to person to complete my papers for housing purchases and sales. Thank you for your quick service and professionalism.”


“We went to Sherry to complete legal documents and she squeezed us in  on short notice due to unusual circumstances.  She took the time to review our documents, she researched and dug around to fund the best option for our needs.  She was extremely thorough, informative, patient and kind. She went above and beyond to help us and then didn’t charge us!! I highly recommend this lady!!!”


“Sherry Anderson helped us write our wills last month and was fantastic? Highly recommend her services”


“Sherry thank you for making a difficult time easier.”


I once again have to commend you very bright ladies for being so competent and knowledgeable not to mention awesome with client relations! Many thanks.


Sherry what great service.  Thanks so much. 


We wanted to thank you and your team for helping us to gain access to our new home…… A big thank you for your guidance and help.

The Wilkinsons