About Sherry Anderson

Sherry grew up in Terrace BC and established her Notary Office in 1995. With over 23 years of professional practice, Sherry has the experience and skill to deal with all types of real estate transactions.   Real estate transactions can be more complex that you desire and sometimes just do not go as planned.  With 23 years of professional experience, Sherry has the skills to help her clients in those unwelcome challenges.  As a Notary Public, Sherry believes that legal services provided to clients should not only be of a high standard but also affordable.  She has a reputation for being meticulous and working diligently to ensure her clients receive the utmost care and attention. Accordingly, Sherry attracts clients from outlying Northern BC including Kitimat, Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii in addition to the Terrace area.

Furthermore, Sherry is a firm believer in lifelong learning and professional development which includes staying up-to-date on technology.  Her Notary office was the first in the Northwest to use electronic filing of documents at the Land Title Office.  Importantly, her clients were able to benefit from the Land Title Office automation sooner than later.

Sherry also understands that a lot of people work Monday to Friday or are having to travel to Terrace.   Therefore, Sherry will make herself available for some Saturday appointments for those that just can’t  make it in during regular hours.

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Additional Reasons to use a Notary Public

BC Notaries concentrate on specific areas of law.  Our entire operation is geared to successful document preparation.  Notary’s in British Columbia do not practice in contentious matters, so we can devote our time and energy to our clients’ deadlines and priorities.


What is a Notary Public?

BC Notaries are proud members of a select group of legal professionals commissioned for life by the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  They are trained in non-contentious legal matters, specializing in preparing documents that define and protect your interests in property.  BC Notaries do not argue cases before a judge.  Their role is to act as a facilitator, committed to properly preparing and registering your legal documents.